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Products and Markets

Markets - World-Wide presence
High purity products

Today, with its sophisticated equipment and production processes,GMT Fine Chemicals SA offers the following API's of high purity with very high chemical and microbiological quality, including corresponding documentation such as Drug Master File (DMF).

GMT Fine Chemicals SA is the holder of the Certificates of Suitability for Calcium Folinate and for Calcium Levofolinate Pentahydrate, granted by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM);

GMT Fine Chemicals SA products are currently exported to various countries such as:
Calcium Folinate (Leucovorin Calcium) :
Calcium Levofolinate (Levoleucovorin Calcium) :
Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine,...)
MENA (Egypt,Jordan,Iran)
South Asia (Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia)
Far East (Japan)
Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)
North America (Canada)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay)
Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Greece,...)
Africa (Tunisia)
North America (USA)
Far East (Japan)
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