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Conditions of Use and Territoriality  

Last amended March 2016

The information contained in this part of the site is destined for Internet users. Nevertheless, medical practice can necessitate different references or additional information.

GMT Fine Chemicals SA, entered in the Commercial Register as GMT Fine Chemicals S.A. in Couvet, CH-645-1003622-7, SOSC dated 18.10.2004, p. 8/2495990.

Adherence to the General Terms and Conditions of Use
All persons with access to the sites of GMT Fine Chemicals SA must note these General Terms and Conditions of Use before consulting the information contained on the site. Any consulting of the pages of the
sites subsequent to the present page shall constitute acceptance by the user of the present General Terms and Conditions of Use.
The user hereby agrees to adhere to the present General Terms and Conditions of Use, to conform to these and to accept their principles and modalities.

Object of the site
The object of the GMT Fine Chemicals SA site is to provide information on the activities of the Swiss- based company operating in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as on its products.
The activities of GMT Fine Chemicals are strictly regulated and certified by Swissmedic with the certificate of good manufacturing practice.
These sites have no authority to provide any form whatsoever of advice on health or pharmaceutical matters concerning the use of the products of GMT Fine Chemicals SA.
The products are not intended for direct sale but are complementary substances for medical products intended for oncology.
In the absence of any statement to the contrary, all information contained on the GMT Fine Chemicals SA site in no way constitutes an offer of contract nor an offer of purchase or sale. The information is provided solely on an indicative basis and GMT Fine Chemicals does not give any guarantee that the information is precise, up to date or exhaustive.
GMT Fine Chemicals SA cannot be held responsible in any way for alleged or known damage resulting directly or indirectly from consultation or use of this information.
Persons consulting our sites must be at least 16 years of age; use shall be on the responsibility of the parents, guardians or legal representatives.

Provision of information utilities through downloading
GMT Fine Chemicals SA offers no guarantee that the information utilities downloaded correspond to the expectations and needs of the Internet user.
It guarantees neither the freedom of the information utility from error or malfunction nor the absence of defects or viruses.
Under no circumstances can GMT Fine Chemicals SA be held responsible for indirect damage suffered by the user through installation or use of an information utility. In the sense of the present terms and conditions of use, all immaterial damage, loss of data, information malfunctions, losses of sales or profits, suffered by the user as a result of an information utility, shall apply as indirect damage.
The information utility is provided to the user for his own needs and on a strictly personal basis. He shall not acquire any intellectual property rights under the present terms and conditions of use.
The user explicitly agrees to refrain from reproducing or representing the elements making up the information utility in any way other than for his own needs. Irrespective of their nature – informative, graphic, editorial or other - the elements making up the information utility are and shall remain the property of GMT Fine Chemicals.  Under no circumstances shall downloading of the information utility constitute authorisation for the user to transfer the utility to third parties, either free of charge or in return for payment, temporarily or permanently.
Any use of the information utility other than for purely personal reasons could be considered an act of counterfeiting and render the perpetrator liable to pursuit by GMT Fine Chemicals SA on this basis or on any other pertinent basis.
As a general rule, all information contained on the sites of GMT Fine Chemicals SA or accessible via hypertext links, or transmitted in any other way to users explicitly requesting it via a registration form, is provided on a purely indicative basi
s. GMT Fine Chemicals offers no guarantee that the information is precise, exhaustive or up to date. In the event of such information proving to be inexact or incomplete, or in any way infringing the rights of the user or of third parties, responsibility of GMT Fine Chemicals shall be excluded irrespective of the grounds.

GMT Fine Chemicals SA cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from access to the site or from its use as well as from use of its functionalities or of information contained therein or transmitted by any other means irrespective of the nature. GMT Fine Chemicals SA accepts no responsibility for the appropriateness of decisions taken by the users solely on the strength of the information published on the site or transmitted by any other means, or for the modalities of implementation of the said decisions.
GMT Fine Chemicals SA shall accept no responsibility in the event of damage suffered by the user, in particular as a result of loss, deterioration or alteration of files, the transmission of viruses capable of infecting his IT equipment or any other property when connecting and/or consulting and/or using the site and its functionalities.

The user shall indemnify GMT Fine Chemicals, as well as all persons involved in the creation, production and distribution of the sites, against all claims, responsibility, costs and expense resulting from violation of the present General Terms and Conditions of Use or in
connection with use of the sites or of one of its functionalities.
All information and data transmitted by the user will be on his sole responsibility and the user undertakes to protect and indemnify GMT Fine Chemicals SA against all direct or indirect damage that could result from such. In particular, the user undertakes not to use the communication areas for illicit proposals or for proposals not related to the purpose of the service offered by the sites.

GMT Fine Chemicals will make every effort to ensure that the information on its sites is up to date. All information brought to the knowledge of the persons accessing the sites has been selected at a specific date. The information contained on the site reflects an opinion at the time of its inclusion online and not at the time of consultation of the site.

Access to the site  
GMT Fine Chemicals SA reserves the right to terminate, modify, suspend, restrict or interrupt access to all or a part of the sites, including in particular the content, the functionalities or the availability periods, without prior notification.

Intellectual property
The GMT Fine Chemicals site and, in particular, all visual elements, irrespective of whether these are in the form of registered trademarks or not, or in another form, whether accompanied by the signs ® or ©, as well as the presentation and content of all articles, press reviews and, more generally, all information contained on the sites, are the exclusive property of GMT Fine Chemicals or of the third parties with which the latter has concluded agreements permitting dissemination.
The user is not entitled to reproduce, disseminate or, more generally, to exploit them via any means whatsoever without the prior, express and written consent of GMT Fine Chemicals SA.
The names and logos of GMT Fine Chemicals SA constitute registered and protected trademarks. Any use of the name and/or logo of GMT Fine Chemicals SA requires the prior, written permission of GMT Fine Chemicals SA. Failure to obtain such permission shall render the user liable to criminal pursuit.
Triaspect AG holds the copyrights from some images submitted for the GMT Fine Chemicals SA site.

Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Use
Like a large number of companies and for the sake of performance, GMT Fine Chemicals SA endeavours to make regular improvements to its site and to personalise it for the benefit of its visitors.
Consequently, GMT Fine Chemicals SA reserves the right to amend and update the present General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without prior notification. We therefore recommend regular consultation of the latest version of these conditions.
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